The Mexican trafficking route

Photo courtesy Diario Milenio

Photo courtesy Diario Milenio

I came across this article in the Miami Herald today, recounting how a group of 14 Cubans were smuggled out of the island on a fast boat and held hostage in a safe house in Cancún, Mexico.

This is very similar to the ordeal Jorge went through, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the same group of smugglers was involved. The sad thing is that this is a network of Cubans making an illegal profit on the desperation of their countrymen, and are ready to torture and kill if the business goes sour.

This is a group of Cubans who are or have been living in Miami and are operating out of the popular Mexican resort town. Taking advantage of their fellow countrymen who will do anything to escape communist rule, the smugglers arrange with the emigrants to bring them to Mexico from where most continue on to the U.S. since they will automatically receive asylum there through the so-called wet foot, dry foot policy.

On arriving in Mexico, the trafficked Cubans were hold hostage in an empty house outfitted like a jail, while the traffickers called their family members in the U.S. to collect money from them, using beatings, threats and torture. Apparently the emigrants had counted on their relatives to pay, ($5,000-$10,000 per person) in many cases not informing them, which led to the violence.

The prisoners managed to throw out a note to the street, begging for someone to alert the federal police, not the local authorities (who are known to be in on the business). The mexican military raided the safe house the next day and rescued the hostages while detaining one of their captors.

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