Web comic alert # 1

Having decided to post the graphic novel on the web while I keep making it, I have been looking around the web for other web comics. I keep finding true storytelling gems, much more than just a couple of years ago, so I’m going to plug the ones I like from time to time here on Happy at 90 Miles.

First out is the excellent portal SMITHMAG, home to various quality web comics, such as The Pekar Project – new stories from the comics veteran Harvey Pekar, and Next-Door Neighbor, a collection of illustrated autobiographical short stories about the dreaded people who live next to us.

But the comic I want to highlight here is Josh Neufeld’s D.D. New Orleans After the Deluge. Having worked as a Red Cross volunteer in Missisippi after Hurricane Katrina, Neufeld wrote a book about his experiences there. This led to SMITH magazine asking him to do a serialized comic based on the survival stories of New Orleans residents.
A.D is the illustrated accounts of six survivors from different backgrounds, bringing readers face to face with the dual horror of destructive natural forces and human helplessness.

The entire story can be read in 13 chapters HERE, but don’t let that stop you from picking up the book which was just published by Pantheon and is apparently selling well in spite of being offered for free on the web. This is a promising sign for the model of web comics, showing that if the subject matter and the presentation is good, people will support it.

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