IPH is the writer and artist of the in-development graphic novel “Happy at 90 Miles – The Jorge Albart Story”

IPH has a BFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and has over 10 years experience as a graphic artist/illustrator, having worked in advertising, video games and recently, comics.

A bit about my politics, which is an inevitable theme when discussing Cuba: I am firmly in the center, with a great distaste for the extremes of political thought. I have chosen to tell Jorge’s story because it is a universal story of an individual’s fight to free himself of oppression, surmounting difficulties that would conquer most of us. I cannot tell Jorge’s story without talking about how the Cuban State imprisons its own people, both directly through a vast and brutal prison system, and indirectly through an authoritarian rule in which most things are illegal, from owning property to leaving the island.

In my youth I was impressed by the stories of the Cuban Revolution throught the prism of European progressive thought. Later I have come to understand, through both acccess to broader information and travel, that Cuba is a dictatorship, its few redeeming qualities overshadowed by its inexcusable abuses. The Cuban people have been prohibited from choosing their own destiny for 50 years. In fact, when you consider the Spanish colonial period followed by the American interventionism since 1898 up to Batista’s dictatorship ending with the Revolution in 1958, Cuba has never known freedom. Since elections and alternate political parties are nonexistent, Cubans are left to vote with their (wet) feet.

I am sure my friends on the left will be irritated by my criticism of the failed Cuban Revolution and that my friends on the right will object to my support for ending the embargo and the prison camp at Guantanamo. You can’t please everybody, but the important thing here is Jorge’s story. As opposed to these blog posts which feature MY point of view, in the Graphic Novel I will do my utmost to tell Jorge’s story as HE sees it, how he lived it. My hope is that anyone can respond to it on a human level regardless of their politics.

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